"hello i are new to dyom"
-Andreas' introduction with alternative accounts.


Jan 16 2011 - Mar 4 2011*

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Banned DYOM User
Username: ilovegta123456
aka: Andrea, Spammer


Nationality: Danish
Allies: TonyCJ (possible)
Banned for: Spam, childish behavior
Forums: Jan 16 2011

andreas1234567yeahgta (Infamously known as ilovegta123456 and by his real name Andreas Nielsen) was a spammer and DYOM User.


Andreas' first account was andreas1234567yeahgta.[1] As with this account, he started a new mission pack called "gta sweet story", which it was a community mission project that noone wanted to join. It was unknown why this account was banned.

Andreas rejoined gtaforums on Feb 8, 2011 as ilovegta123456. After he rejoined, he already started his mission pack series and spammed all over DYOM section in gtaforums. He was banned by PatrickW. After some days, he created new accounts and fooled others believing that he's not ilovegta. His accounts were banned. Although he's banned in gtaforums, he still has an account in DYOM Website. If he doesn't spam, he will have a chance to return to DYOM Business, but the higher chance is that he won't get a second chance, as TonyCJ didn't get one.

Andreas accounts

Andreas' accounts with similar names.


  1. Andreas made his first gtaforums account