"You only need one main character (the one we will always play) and you can go as you wish. The missions must be connected though."
-Secronom President explaining how BUYSAG works.

Build Up Your San Andreas Gang
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Title: Build Up Your San Andreas Gang
Starter: Secronom President
Date: Jan 8 2011, 10:32
Articles: BUYSAG Team
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Build Up Your San Andreas Gang (BUYSAG for short) is the first game of its genre and the only one which was sucessful, unlike Let Your Own Faction Rise or Create Your Own Character, hosted by Secronom President and released on January 8, 2011 at 04:22 (GMT - 5:00 Hours).

About BUYSAGEdit

A DYOM User needs to join a gang, which Secronom President must aprrove it, and starts creating missions based by his gang.

Known HistoryEdit


BUYSAG V4 was just announced by Secronom President at Oct 4, 2011. Secro announced few things about V4 before Oct 4, now he announced that BUYSAG is coming back.


As Secronom President said, basic gangs from previous versions are coming back.

"V4 will return to the elementary basics: original San Andreas gangs; no more created gangs. However, there will be one or two new features for gangs to enjoy the game even more."
-Secronom President in the BUYSAG topic.

As more of his comments, the Law gangs are not gonna be in the version. (Army, Cops...)

Gangs and new FeaturesEdit

Secronom President announced/spoiled few things:

  • Orange Grove Families
  • Ballas
  • Los Santos Vagos
  • Varrios Los Aztecas
  • San Fierro Rifa
  • San Fierro Triads
  • Da Nang Boys
  • Leone Mafia Family
  • Sindacco Brothers
  • Forelli Family
  • Loco Syndicate

As for new features: New Gang Leadership System. and new gang system.

The End of BUYSAG?Edit

On September 8, 2012, Secronom released the new version of BUYSAG and he imediately retired from BUYSAG, he gave the thread over xGhostx , but the thread was locked and ended BUYSAG and its staff.

BUYSAG ForumEdit

Build Up Your Own San Andreas Gang forum
Build Up Your Own San Andreas Gang forum
Founder(s) COOLMAN12234555896

Secronom President

Registration Required
Current Status Abandoned

Build Up Your San Andreas Gang Forum (BUYSAG Forum for short) was a forum website created by COOLMAN12234555896 for Build Up Your San Andreas Gang. The purpose of the forum was to create a large community that would participate in BUYSAG.


On October 16, 2011, Build Up Your San Andreas Gang topic was pinned for winning DYOM Awards as "Best Topic"