A car is a feature that let's you spawn a vehicle in the mission

Adding a Car (Cars -> Add Car)

You can browse and select the desired vehicle using the "Y" and "N" buttons. Once it is selected, you can change it's primary and secondary colours ("Y" and "N") and then move it into the right position. You can then adjust it's health (100; it will be set on fire and immidiatly blow up. 250; It is very weak and will be set on fire easily. 500: It will have half a it's normal health. 1000 It will have it's normal health. 2500; it will have 2.5 times more health then normal.), weather or not is is Bullet-Proof, Explosion-Proof or Damage-Proof (does not take any body damage, dented hood, doors ect.), and weather or not it is locked.