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A Character is an actor that is created in DYOM and its bio is written in gtaforums.


DYOM Users like to write a lot about characters that appears in their mission packs. Some characters like to write about forms like Age, Hometown etc... Those forms are:

  • Full Name - First Name, Middle Name, Nickname and Last Name.
  • Age - Character's current age. Sometimes, the birthday is also written.
  • Hometown - The place that character was born.
  • Status - There are three status: Alive, Dead and Unknown. The Status says if the character is alive in the story of the mission pack.
  • Weapon of Choice - The weapon that they will only carry.
  • First Appearance/Last Appearance - The first/last appearance of the character in the mission pack.
  • Other things...

Character Types

There are known 5 character types: Main Characters (including Protagonist), Secondary Characters, Minor/Supportive Characters, Enemies (including Antagonist) and Minor Enemies.


The protagonist is the main character(s) of a story, and the main playable character in DYOM.

Traditionally, a protagonist is the main figure of a piece of literature or drama and has the main part or role. Alternatively, the phrase denotes a primary advocate of or proponent for a cause or movement. The main character can be a hero or a villain in a story - it is just the character with the lead role. In literature, the protagonist is characterized by his/her ability to change or evolve.