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Username: Chimpso


Nationality: Au
Affiliations: DYOM Staff
Forums: Aug 8, 2009
Website: Oct 16, 2011
Awards Awards Awards
DYOM: Best DYOM tutorial

Chimpso is one of the old and best mission designers.

DYOM UserEdit

Chimpso uploaded his first mission at 2010-04-01. Ever since he begun to deisgn missions.

He got people's attention and feedback from his few missions and his amazing SAPD Chronicles.

Grand Theft WikiEdit

Chimpso is also a member of Grand Theft Wiki, and also an administrator in there. Since May 16 2009, he joined GTW and now since May 29 2010 he's an adminitrator.

SAPD ChroniclesEdit

Chimpso started working on SAPD Chronicles since Apr 3 2010. This mission pack got many feedbacks and made Chimpso popular on DYOM.

After some time, due some real life problems, Chimpso have disappeared with his mission pack.

Now, Chimpso announced an update of it at Oct 9 2011: that he's going to work on it again.

DYOM Contest #4Edit

DYOM Contest #4 have started since Nov 14 2010 which theme was "Exciting Storyline".

Chimpso won the contest with his Perfidy storyline, so now he's the winner of DYOM Contest #4.

DYOM AwardsEdit

Chimpso won the DYOM Awards as "Best DYOM tutorial". He became the moderator of the new DYOM Website.