El Massare Vendetta is SatournFan's new mission pack.


We're seeing the life through El Massare's eyes. El is a muscle and an important member of Capodilha drug cartel. We see how El's last year as Capodilha member goes. After he fucked up the drug deal, which was his last job, Capodilha started to hunt him.

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There are many main characters in this mission pack.

El Massare - El is the protagonist of this mission pack, we're seeing the story through his eyes. El became a member of Capodilha in 1990, after he was saved by some of their members. In 1992, he became a sub-leader of the cartel, after the former sub-leader, Donny Horatio, caught a bullet. In 1994, he decides to leave the cartel to start a normal life, but after he fucked up his last job, he became an "Enemy Number 1" for the cartel.

(to be continued...)


(to be continued...)