GANGSTER and Proud of it!
Mission pack
Creator: LeonCJ
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: GTA-style, action.
Status: Completed.
Number of Chapters: 10
Year: 2001
Protagonist(s): Brian "B" Taylor

GANGSTER and Proud of it (GaPoi) is a mission-pack by LeonCJ, right after S.A.S.F.A.S.O. He started it since Nov 8 2010 and finished it at 2010-12-21.


2000 years. "My name's Brian Taylor, but homies' calls me B. Once I helped my brothers to run a gang in San Andreas, Los Santos, called 75th Street Ganton Kingz. We ruled three streets, 75th, 74th and 76th streets of Ganton. We had enemy's from other streets, from other gangs. I left San Andreas when I was only 18, I was going to an University in United States of America. When I heard some bad news from my brothers, I had to come back..."
2001 years. San Andreas, Los Santos.
Brian came back to his hometown, and he watched what was happening... Los Santos became a riot town, to find out what's caused all of this, Brian had to meet up with Drake his brother.

Based on San Andreas?

This storyline has some missions based on GTA: San Andreas.