GTA Cj Stories
Mission pack
Creator: Jimmy_Leppard
Type: Mission Pack
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 6
Protagonist(s): CJ

GTA Cj Stories is Jimmy_Leppard's first mission pack on gtaforums.


After 2 years spent in Vice City, CJ comes back to Los Santos because he got a letter from his brother Mike that his other brother George was killed. He finds out that his brother Mike also has some problems that needed to be solved. First couple of missions you will be introduced with the main characters so it will be very little action in them. Through the missions, CJ does business with the other characters and gets in trouble most of the time. After one of his friends gets killed, CJ starts on a trip to find out who killed his friend and his brother. On the way he meets lots of other very important characters.