Mission pack
Creator: Nitesh aka AAAAAAA
Type: Storyline and Mission Pack
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 5
Year: 1995
Protagonist(s): Carl Johnson

GTA SA 2 is a mission pack by Nitesh aka AAAAAAA that takes place three years after the original Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas storyline.


It is three years after the death of Big Smoke and Tenpenny. San Andreas had been peaceful for the three years. Suddenly the Ballas returns, and they are more powerful than before. What will the Grove Street Families do to stop the Ballas? What will CJ do? Find out as you play the GTA SA 2 storyline. Play as CJ. Work with old friends and also make new friends.


  • CJ

: The main protagonist. The same CJ you all know. Playable character.

  • Sweet

: The brother of CJ. Looks like some change in his behaviour.

  • The Truth

: Friend of CJ.

  • Maria

 : A girl that CJ saves.

  • Little Smoke

: Brother to Big Smoke.

  • Payne

: Informer of the GSF. Playable character.

  • Robin

: FrIend to CJ.

  • Jack

: A former armyman.

  • Woozie

: CJ's friend. Owner of the four dragon casino.

  • Brad

: A mysterious police officer.

  • Max

: Spy of GSF

  • Polovoski

: Chief Inspector.

The protagonist gang. It is led by Sweet. CJ is the most important member. Payne is the informer. It is also found that Little Smoke used to be the part of the gang.


  • The Ballas

The main antagonist gang. It used to be led by Big Smoke who died three years ago. The current leader is still unknown. They had vanished for three years and now are back. They have taken over the whole of San Andreas. They also get help from the Police.

  • The Police

The police department of San Andreas. Consists of many corrupt officers who helps the Ballas. It is not yet known who the helper is.

  • Robin's group

&nbsp The group which always thinks about the good of their people. Led by Robin. Gangs