Ghost Ship
Mission pack
Creator: LeonCJ
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Horror
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 5
Protagonist(s): Chris White

Ghost Ship is LeonCJ's horror/zombie genre mission pack.


"The story begins in the 1990's, in San Andreas, in a city called San Fierro.
A ship, full of people, deliveries and army technology, was coming to San Fierro, but it suddenly stopped. People named it: Ghost Ship, no one, even the police, nor the government, have checked that ship. The Pier 69 tried to contact with them, but... no one answered. The government believed that the terrorists inside the ship have killed the people and took the army technology.
A one month later.
A special agent, that was sent to investigate that ship one month ago, was found on the traffic of San Fierro, he was still alive. He kept repeating these words: Ghost ship... dangerous... portals... THEY!
Finally, after some recovering, that agent started to speak... and the story begins from now."

Movie-Style Gameplay Videos

Check out the gameplay videos on Ghost Ship: Playlist link.