Gangsta's Paradise
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Mission pack
Creator: COOLMAN12234555896
Type: Storyline Mission Pack
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 4
Year: 2011
2012 (Last mission)
Protagonist(s): Will Brown

Grand Theft Auto: Gangsta's Paradise (know as Gangsta's Paradise) is COOLMAN12234555896 's fifth mission pack.


Dear Diary...
I was drunk. I don't remember anything what happend last night. I can only remember that I was at the casino.
Luckily Casino manager told me that I bet all my money on Poker... But I lost. In the next Day I remembered everything.
My girlfriend left me and I lost my job. I had nowhere to go. Only one guy could help me - My Stepbrother James Brown.
I sold my house to make some cash for the ticket to San Andreas. I said goodbye to Capital City and flew to San Andreas.
I hope my brother can help me...

About Protagonist (Will Brown)

Will was born in Capital City to Mallorie Brown and Phil Brown. Not much is known about his past. In 2010 he was drunk and accidently bet all his money on Poker and lost. The Next Day Casino Manager told Will about last night. When he returned home, his girlfriend left him, he was fired and had nothing but his house. He sold his house to make some cash and flew to San Andreas to meet his step-brother James Brown.

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