Username: jetjatin
aka: jet


Nationality: India
Allies: Pauliux2 (former)
TonyCJ (former)
Forums: Oct 13, 2010

jetjatin is one of the DYOM users and DYOM Trailer creators in gtaforums.


Before DYOM

jetjatin was just a normal user in gtagarage, looking for GTA San Andreas mods, until he found out about DYOM in gtagarage.

Joining DYOM and Friends with Tony

After joining in gtaforums, he tried to befriend with some of DYOM users by making missions. He also befriended TonyCJ and made some missions together. When Tony started his spam and rudeness, Jet was defending him. Acting same as him, spamming and insulting everyone else.

By the words of the spy's that were spying them, they said that through GTAForum's PM they were insulting everyone, even the admins.

Jetjatin changed...

Soon, after TonyCJ was banned. Jet realised what was he doing... He tried to prove people that he's changing, PM'ing everyone, etc.

After some days, he've changed. Made few useful topics, now he's one of DYOM users.

DYOM Trailers

After some time, jetjatin created a topic called "DYOM Trailers". He started to create trailers and also wrote a tutorial how to make one. Useful topic, might say.