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Username: john12
aka: Dr. John13


Nationality: Ia
Forums: October 18, 2011

John12 is one of the DYOM Users in gtaforums. He joined GTAForums on October 18, 2011. He is a former DYOM mission reviewer and a reader of DYOM Magazine.

Start Of Designing

John12 started out like all DYOMer's. Spammed a bit and had bad missions etc. John started making his first mission-pack, THE CRASH!. The first chapter was shocking but he started to improve after every mission. John started to become known, as he was by far the most active. He became apart of AznKei's DYOM mission reviewing team. After THE CRASH! was completed, John started a new mission-pack, San Fierro Burglars.

Spammed and Left

John started to post a little more than he should have, in other words, spam. The GTAForums member not part of the DYOM community stated that John makes the DYOM section look bad. Although it wasn't just John, he still got most of the blame. After a massive 'spam war' was finished in the Designer's Lounge, John announced that he is leaving DYOM. He wasn't gone for long, when a new member showed up called Dr. John13. It wasn't hard to figure out that it was John. John12's mission-pack, San Fierro Burglars is still yet to be completed. John had a great attitude. Well, he never realised that he was spamming. As soon as he realised that what he is doing is spamming he couldn't bear it and he left. That's a good atttitude, right?