Johnny Lain
Appearances: Johnny Lain
Full Name: Johnny Lain
Also Known As: JL
Gender: M
Status: Alive
Nationality: American
Relatives: Unknown Parents
Affiliations: Jack Worth
Kevin Longworth
Various College Friends

Johnny Lain is a protagonist of COOLMAN's Johnny Lain mission pack.

Before the mission pack

Johnny's childhood was hard. In his young days, he studied and trained a lot, because his parents were harsh on him. They didn't want their son to be a complete failure. Now, he ran away from his home to Greenglass College, to live by the way he wants.

Life in Greenglass College

After he arrived in college, he met the Principal of Greenglass college and his roommate - Jack Worth. He was showed around by his roommate around the college and telling him what factions/gangs are here. There are Bullies that like bullying people and fight people in their owned place called "Las Venturas Smackdown", Cash, the rich guys who owns Golf Club and Nerds, who like to study. At the start, he started to gain respect of Bullies and disrespect of Cash, but after helping Cash, they became slightly friendly but not enough. Johnny also met the Nerds. He helped them to retrieve Billy Ze's assignment for the class. After doing some work for Cash, Jack and Johnny went to practice shooting and also they gained some Bounty that could atract cops.