Johnny Nixon Chronicles
Mission pack
Creator: Jimmy_Leppard
Type: Community Project
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 4
Protagonist(s): Johnny Nixon

Johnny Nixon Chronicles is the first community mission pack; it involved many different designers into making the storyline's missions. It was published on December 19, 2010 by Jimmy_Leppard.

About the project

The participants involve active, retired, or banned members. The idea came from the approach of the 10 000th mission in the DYOM missions database on storyline consisted of 28 missions made by 16 different designers; mati1501, Jimmy_Leppard, Doublepulse, pauliux2, TonyCJ, SevilleCheng, GTA!!!, Samil, UNRATED69, xMatix, OG Thug, SatournFan, Brian Walker, C!TRU5~M!XX3R, volan123 and Secronom President. The introduction was published by mati1501 on December 19, 2010 and the last mission was also published by mati1501, in two parts, on January 29, 2011.


Johnny Nixon is a Grove Street gang member. Grove Street is the most powerful gang in LS in this time. The Grove's are planning a big gang war against the rival gang. A very big amount of gang members of these 2 gangs will come at the war zone. The police/SWAT doesn't know about it. If they find out about it and if they would come to the war zone, it would mean the end of The Grove's and the rival gang cause the police/SWAT would either kill them all or put them in jail. However, the police/SWAT somehow finds out about the gang war and comes to the war zone and kills/busts almost every gang member there. Mike Stoke, a Grove Street gang member, who was paid by the police to sold out the gangs and the gang war place, plants it to Johnny. Now, the 2 most powerful gangs in Los Santos are after Johnny who is not guilty so he has to run, kill or be killed.