Las Venturas Crew
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Mission pack
Creator: Doublepulse
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: GTA-Style
Status: WIP
Number of Chapters: 3
Protagonist(s): Markus Williams

Las Venturas Crew is a missionpack made by Doublepulse. The topic was created on July 1 2010 05:15. The missionpack currently has 3 chapters and a total of 40 missions already published and ready to play. It is currently work in progress as of 2011. Originally the plan of the author was to have only 1 chapter, but because he came up with more ideas, it continued after chapter 1.

The Story

The story is about a highschool gang in Las Venturas called Las Venturas Crew and tells a story of Co-Leader Markus Williams who returns home to his gang from College in Liberty City, after finding his sister Michelle Williams being kidnapped. Upon returning home Markus is pressured by his friends Anthony Romando (Gang Leader), Matthew Ruiz, and Kyle Smith to regroup with the gang and bring it back together. The pressure happens throughout the story. On the other hand his father Officer Williams who is a LVPD officer is convincing Markus away from his gang. There are other supporting characters that help the story advance like Officer Mendez and Markus's cousin Ricky. Each chapter of the story introduces a variety of new problems and enemies that Markus must take care of to get back to college.

Chapter 1- Kidnapped Sister

This is where the story begins. The first 2 missions consist of the intro. The first part the player plays as Officer Williams where he must defend his home from Ballas and protect his daughter Michelle Williams from being kidnapped. After failing to save her, this is the trigger for the second mission that introduces the main protagonist. Markus gets a call home from Anthony about his sisters kidnapping and later returns home. Through this chapter, Markus learns about his sisters kidnapping and works with his father (Officer Williams) and Officer Mendez to help find her. Later it becomes clear that the Balla Leader Charlie Johnson is behind the kidnapping. Other supporting characters are also met during the first chapter. Markus's cousins (Dennis and Ricky Williams) and his Aunt which is the sister of Officer Williams. Another gang is introduced right after called Green Street Families, which was also formed during highschool. Las Venturas Crew and Green Street Familes have a unclear past of friendship and rival enemies. It is also learned that the Cholos are enemies with the GSF and build friendship with LVC. By the end of the Chapter, Officer Williams tries to make a deal with the Ballas but ends up failing, instead it leads to a big shootout. The chapter ends after escaping the building with Michelle Williams. This chapter consist of 14 missions.

Chapter 2- Working Inbetween the Laws to Investigate the Russian Mafia