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Username: Maliksusanto
aka: MMS

Maulana malik susanto

Nationality: INDONESIA
Maliksusanto is one of the DYOM User in GTAFORUMS

As DYOM UserEdit

First came from gtagarage and found gtaforums. He is not an expert at DYOM, but he has a spirit to be one of the expert. He has a lot of uncomplete missions because he always has better ideas rather than that mission. First mission he created was Mistery of Mount Chiliad Gang


He knew DYOM from gtagarage and started uploading mission there. Many people like Counter Strike Mission he had made


He start to active in the forums from a message. The message told him that the sender's mission is hated by many people, and there was a link to that interested maliksusanto to be active in


Since October12 2011,He Start new mission San andreas of the dead,He Improve(More longer,More mission,etc) the mission except the gramar

Retire historyEdit

He retire 3 times

  1. Retire because someone didn't like his missions
  2. Retire because he thought DYOM Boring
  3. Retire because he thought GTA SA Mod Bring Virus

Now he back for making new missions

Mission PackEdit

He made many missions pack but he never finished any of them. Now, he is planning to finish the missions pack, here is the list :

  • American war
  • Empire of the rising sun war
  • Dead rising 2
  • Left 4 dead
  • Human Vs Zombie
  • Counter Strike
  • San andreas of the Dead

DYOM TrioEdit

When he is not making missions, He likes to play Minecraft with DYOM Trio members,Building houses in the DYOM Trio server and he also enjoys chatting in skype.