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Title: Mission Of The Week
Starter: AnDReJ98
Date: 08 May 2013
Type: Contest
Articles: MOTW Discussion Thread
Credits: AnDReJ98 - Creator & Leader

Target13 - Former Leader Chips237 - Former Leader

Mission Of The Week (MOTW) is a contest/weekly competition, made by AnDReJ98 on 8 May 2013 based on SOTW from Visual Arts selecetion.


MOTW is a weekly competition in which designers create and submit missions based on the given theme. After the deadline for submissions, the votings start, where the participants and other people that played all the submitted missions can vote for their favorite one and let others know they did so in the comments. The winner of the MOTW gets to decide the next mission theme and host the next topic. Designers must respect and follow the rules so their mission/vote can be counted.



Contest Theme Winner Mission
MOTW #1 Freestyle Target13 No Age Limit
MOTW #2 Horror AnDReJ98 The Ghost From The Past
MOTW #3 Robbery Basketziga Big theft
MOTW #4 Gang war Target13 Skullz MC
MOTW #5 Race The Odyssey Airport Drift
MOTW #6 Puzzle - -
MOTW #7 Comedy basket_boy123 Cool President
MOTW #8 Apocalyptic JCGames The End Of The World
MOTW #9 Warfare basket_boy123 Operation V.I.P
MOTW #10 Prisonbreak KingFZ Break Doors Of Ventures
MOTW #11 Parkour Blues2030 Parkour Contest
MOTW #12 Marathon GalacticXp1 Speed
MOTW #13 Assassination Target13 Silenced Bird
MOTW#14 Media/Entertainment GalacticXp1 The Terminator 2 Bike Scene
MOTW #15 Rescue XXGTAXIVXX Death Road
MOTW #16 Protest KD Himan We Want Justice
MOTW #17 Revenge Spider262 Revenge 2


Contest Theme Winner Mission
MOTW #1 Freestyle Martin_GDF Torn
MOTW #2 Slenderman Chips237 What Slenderman Does Behind Your Back
MOTW #3 Assassination ProDX34 Manhunt 2: Assassination
MOTW #4 Survival Huzaifa A Lost Day Survival
MOTW #5 Revenge ProDX34 Accident
MOTW #6 Heist gammoudicj A Big Fish
MOTW #7 Gang Wars Huzaifa Khan Tonight's The Night
MOTW #8 Ambush xMatix Guns N' Flames
MOTW #9 Kidnapping Blues2030 Vantage Point
MOTW #10 Escape Plan gammoudicj Deathly Escape
MOTW #11 Rescue ProDX34 Daughter Feelings
MOTW #12 Race FRArom Angle Pine Quad Race
MOTW #13 Infiltration gheorgheM Infiltration
MOTW #14 Funny Pyschopath ProDX34 Expection and Reality
MOTW #15 Puzzle Tukang Kerupuk Get Lost
MOTW #16 Game Remake Revolver1 Made Man: A Quick Buck
MOTW #17 Police Vinesh Heist in LS
MOTW #18 Freestyle Heisenberg_GR Just Cause (San Andreas)
MOTW #19 Game Remake DZxProx The Definition Of Insanity
MOTW #20 Race Huzaifa Khan Blacklist Wanted
MOTW #21 Escape Plan AnDReJ98 Quick Escape
MOTW #22 Horror GalacticXp1 Hell In The Woods
MOTW #23 Car Theft Yuneshin Fisher's Infiltration
MOTW #24 Cowboys Heisenberg_GR Saints Of Deadwood
MOTW #25 70-80 Objectives Grand_Dyom Ballas Rat
MOTW #26 Comedy Husnain123 Comedy Night with Husnain
MOTW #27 Freestyle Yuneshin Asylum Escape
MOTW #28 Serial Killer DKI Bloody Hotel
MOTW #29 Heist Jhandave Robbing the Visage Casino
MOTW #30 Horror - -

Mission Of The YearEdit

Year MOTW Winner Mission
2013 #1 Target13 No Age Limit
2014 #3 ProDX34 Manhunt 2: Assassination
2015 - - -

Original RulesEdit

  • Designer must follow the theme of that week, or the his mission won't be included!
  • Mission musn't require any mods/conversation to be played!
  • Cheats are not allowed while playing MOTW's mission.
  • You can't use an already published mission (from mission-packs)!
  • You can make only one mission in week's current contest.
  • You can choose only one mission that you want to nominate for the best.
  • Anybody can't vote for thier own mission.
  • If you post/vote mission after deadline it won't be included!

Current RulesEdit

  • No stealing other missions.
  • You only may participate if you are active on the forums.
  • Only one mission per person.
  • No Multi-Designer missions,
  • Your mission must fit the theme.
  • If a mission is prone to many crashes, it will be disqualified.
  • You may not submit a trailer or video tutorial with your mission.
  • You may not go off-topic.
  • You must play ALL missions before voting
  • You may not vote for yourself.
  • Breaking a rule results in one warning, if you continue then you will become banned.
  • You MAY NOT use a mission that YOU have previously made. even if it fits the theme.
  • If you win a contest, you shall receive a PM from me Target13 (current leader) with further information for hosting your own MOTW.
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