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Username: Nitesh aka AAAAAAA
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Nationality: Ke
Affiliations: DYOM Magazine
Forums: Apr 17, 2011
Website: Oct 16, 2011

Nitesh aka AAAAAAA (Nitesh) is a DYOM mission designer.


Nitesh had found out about DYOM some time in March while looking for some GTA SA mission mods and find out about DYOM thanks to Google. He started trying out some of it's features and started making GTA SA 2, a continuation to the original GTA SA. He was already lurking around the forums at that time as a guest. He joined gtaforums on April 17, 2011, though he made his first topic for GTA SA 2 on the 22nd of the same month.

First MissionsEdit

The first ever missions made by Nitesh were some of the most simple missions without any story and were usually of just a few (1-5) objectives. They were mainly used to try out the features of DYOM. None of the missions were published or uploaded.

The First Mission packEdit

Main page: GTA SA 2.

This mission pack is a continuation of the original GTA SA, featuring some new characters. The mission pack did not get a lot of attention in terms of feedback but got a lot of downloads and has the most number of downloads out of all his mission packs/storyline.

The DYOM Theme ContestEdit

In May, 2011, Mati organised the DYOM Theme Contest, where Nitesh participated. He made the mission When the wolves howl... which was for the gangsta theme. He came in the third place with 17 points.

DYOM Mission reviewerEdit

Nitesh became a DYOM Mission reviewer on Jun 21 2011 as confirmed by AznKei.

Current Mission PacksEdit

The current mission pack that Nitesh is working on is The Promise. So far only 6 missions have been done, and the progress has stopped because of the problem with the PC.

DYOM World: Designer's ChroniclesEdit

Nitesh is a citizen of Las Venturas. He is also one of the mission raters of an RPG game DYOM World: Designer's Chronicles.