"It's just that, community. There' so much great people. I have got so many great friends here."
-Notna describes DYOM Community

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Username: Notna


Nationality: Finland
Forums: Oct 14, 2009

Notna is one of the DYOM users in gtaforums.

The BeginningEdit

Notna joined the forums on October 14, 2009. That time, he was just dreaming about GTA-games with his own stories. He made one topic about his own GTA-game to the GTA NeXt-section. Topic didn't get popular and it wasn't very good either. Notna left the forums for a while.

Start Of DYOMEdit

In December 2009, Notna searched some GTA mods, what with he would make his own GTA-game. He found DYOM, and started to make missions with it.
He didn't know how to use it very well and thought it was too hard for him, and left it. But in June 2011 he found it again and started to learn it. His missions came better and he started his very first mission pack, GTA: Las Venturas. It was finished only two weeks later, and it got only few comments, but Notna was proud of himself. After that he went very inactive again, but in September he came back to the forums. Then he started Tony Cole Chronicles. It turned out a much bigger success than GTA: Las Venturas.

Recent Activity In DYOMEdit

Dark Assassin: The ConspiracyEdit

Notna started the 3rd multi-designer project on December 20, 2011. The mission-pack was called Dark Assassin: The Conspiracy, which was suggested by Jimmy_Leppard.

Current Mission-packsEdit

Notna started some more mission-packs. His first was Bayside Thug. This had a lot of great feedback, but was put on hold after 3 missions. Then he started James Parker and His Crew on Christmas Day of 2011. The mission-pack has currently 3 chapters and is still yet to by completed. It has great feedback over 5 pages on the GTAForums topic. On February 29, 2012, Notna started yet another mission-pack, Ryan Lee Chronicles. The mission-pack is still uncompleted. After RLC, Notna made Life of Antoine Lee, which was a good success with it's 14 missions and becoming the 3rd mission pack which he finished. And then, he started Grand Theft Auto: Las Venturas Stories.