"MC 4 LIFE!!!"

Username: pauliux2
aka: Paul


Nationality: LT
Allies: jetjatin (former)
Affiliations: DYOM Trio
Forums: October 31st 2009

Pauliux2 (known as Paul or Ey$eR) is a DYOM User since 2009 October.He joined GTA Forums on October 31st 2009

Beginning with DYOM

He started using DYOM around 2009 October.He had some Mini-Mission-packs.They were big failures.After a break,he started making a new mission-pack - The Killer.After some days,he released topic for it.After that,he made an another break.Then he released another mission-pack:Life of a Killer.It was canceled.After a veeery big break,he started another pack:The Killer:Gangsta' Days.Which was canceled(?) too.Some time later,he made a topic about his new project:Life of a Street Soldier.

Strife with other Forum Members

While pauliux was at the end of The Killer mission pack,he got angry at some members.First one was JetJatin.Po was not the only one that hated him.Leon was with him.Pauliux made some provicking videos about Jet and TonyCJ.Both of them got really angry.A few minutes from the video release,Tony joined Po and LCJ.Jatin was on his own.Paul released another video very fast.Jet got more angry and TCJ joined jet again.Some time later,jet wrote PM's to whole members that respect Pauliux2.He said that they would delete him from the Respect List.Then Po got angry,he made some videos instantly.Then Tony joined Paul and Leon again.Another day,Jet made a video about pauliux.That was nothing for him,he striked much harder.Jet wrote a message to paul that he would stop uploading these videos.He answered that he will stop making these videos when Jet will stop spamming and being a child.Jetjatin said that everything's okay with him.After some time,Tony joined jet again!(What a stranger?Eh?).After some hours,Paul got a warning from PatrickW.It mentioned that he should stop fighting with jetjatin.So paul made a last video.Then Jet apoligized for every member.He said that he will stop spamming,stop acting like a child.After a few weeks,Tony started spamming.Everyone tried to calm him down but it was usseles.Paul tried to get Tony's brain back,but he just got more angry.He continued spamming until he got banned.In his last seconds he tried to apoligize,but he got banned anyway.