Peter Griffin
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto Episodes From Liberty City
Full name: Peter Griffin
Also known as: Peter Justin Griffin
Status: deceased
Home: Ganton, Los Santos
Nationality: America
Family: Lois Griffin (Wife)

Scarlet (Wife) Chris Griffin (Son) Meg Griffin (Daughter) Brian Griffin (Best Friend) Stewie Griffin (Son) Subaru Griffin (Son)

Main affiliation: Vagos (Formely)

Armando Red

Businesses: Vagos Deliver Working (Formely)

Description Edit

Peter Moving Los Santos After Divorced Stewie Son Leave Quahoq Son Move Jefferson House,

Background Edit

First Mission Crack Eses Dealers Get Job Son Delivered Revolution Started Smoke and Tenpenny Leave Los Santos Left Vagos Second Mission First Day Forest Stewie Armando and Peter Drive By Hippes and Yays Smoke Send YOU Escape Garage. Before Death You Life New! Mission, And Tcr one mission see Red help contact number called Stewie Griffin.

Death Edit

After Left Vagos Big Poppa Big Angry Dissapointed Big Poppa Kidnapped Is Helicopter Bulding Roof Glen Park Killing AK47 Failling Found Dead.