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Affiliations: BUYSAG Team (former)
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Forums: Aug 14, 2010

Rewas514 aka Rewas formerly and famously known as COOLMAN12234555896 (Cool Man, COOLMAN) is one of DYOM users in gtaforums, old BUYSAG Staff member and a member of DYOM Trio.


The Beginning

While searching some articles in Grand Theft Wiki, Rewas found an article about DYOM Mod. He started to watch some videos, how to install DYOM and how to use it. Later, he joined gtaforums on August 14 as COOLMAN12234555896 and started to post his first mission pack: "The Life in El Quebrados ". He also started "Grand Theft Jonny " mission pack, but it was cancelled. After making the last mission of TLIEQ, Dutchy3010 announced about a new DYOM feature called "Storyline " and CM immediatly started a new and short mission pack called "Strange Way of Life ".


Secronom President started a new DYOM game called "Build Up Your San Andreas Gang " (BUYSAG for short). After mati1501 , guib , LeonCJ and Stuntzman joined the game, CM created a forum about BUYSAG so that others can post their missions and chat with their fellow BUYSAG'ers. But later, popularity was low and forum was abandoned.[1]

Mission Packs

On February 4, 2011, COOLMAN started a mission pack called "Grand Theft Auto: Gangsta's Paradise" and finished it on June 6. Later, he started to work on the sequel, but it was cancelled. After cancelling the mission pack, he started to get tired of DYOM. On September 1, 2011, COOLMAN regained some DYOM mood back and started a new mission pack called "Johnny Lain", but he lost the mood and cancelled it.


"DYOM Trio! 8)"

On August 9, 2011, Doublepulse, LeonCJ and COOLMAN12234555896 created a topic about DYOM Trio Series. It was missions about their experience in SAMP. The first event LeonCJ's Betrayal, where he betrayeded his friends and later gets killed...


At his free-time, he plays Minecraft with DYOM Trio by building DYOM Trio City.

Back to DYOM Business

On February 5, 2012, CM created a DYOM Trailer for DYOM Trailer Contest. Some of the people liked the trailer, but one person disliked the video. Later, on February 10, 2012, CM return to DYOM by making a new mission pack: "David Delington:Ace Detective". The mission pack was inspired by Cold Year. Also, along with LnD, on March 19, CM created a game called: "DYOM World: The Designers' Chronicles"[2], but later the thread was left unposted, because the game "died".


On May 28, 2012, COOLMAN12234555896 officialy joined a GTAForums gang called "Yardies".

Taking over

On January 28, 2013, COOLMAN took over DYOM Magazine after Nitesh let him take over. And later on March 22, 2013, Secronom wanted for someone to take over his DYOM index topic, which COOLMAN happily took over it.


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  2. LnD created "DYOM World: The Designers' Chronicles" thread