S.A. Noire
Mission pack
Creator: Alifjenius
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Detective, action.
Status: WIP
Number of Chapters: 3(currently)
Year: 2011
Protagonist(s): John Lemon
Paul McRusty
Luis Lupez
George Harris
Ringo Sturkey

Mission pack by Alifjenius, since: Aug 26, 2011.


John Lemon is an ex-army from San Andreas Civil War in 2009. He used to be the personnel of 101st Army Batallion, which was famous because only 4 personnels were survived the war. After the war ended, he lived peacefully in town of Las Barrancas

2009 was a dark year for San Andreas, but now, 2011, the year become darker than ever. With traitors spread all over San Andreas, crime rate raise dramatically, people died evey day (i think it's usual), and corrupt polices everywhere...

2011, John still live peacefully in Las Barrancas. But a sound of gunshot change his peaceful life forever...

Don't think if you see S.A. Noire, it will lead you to think that this is always a "murder or robbery or raping or anything else" mission. This missions pack doesn't have any connection with L.A. Noire. "Noire" is a french word for "black" and can refers to "dark". Yeah, so S.A. Noire can have a meaning : the dark side of S.A. Which the "side" is the "year 2011"

GTAGarage and Trailer

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Also, a trailer is released:


DYOM S.A Noire - Trailer

Current Trailer.