San Andreas of the dead
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Mission pack
Creator: Maliksusanto
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Zombie Apocalypse
Status: Work in progress
Number of Chapters: Unknow(1 Chapter Done)
Year: 2011
Protagonist(s): Alan Grant

San Andreas of the dead is Newest Maliksusanto Mission pack


A pharmaceutical companies has made a drug that could cure all diseases, unfortunately it did not cure the disease but instead to kill people, people who die because the drug was disposed on Los santos, finally those that died were alive back into a zombie, but the zombies was not yet on know there was a man named Alan Grant, he was a worker on the drug company, Alan Begin angry at the drug company, he will rebel unfortunately when on will attack the place, San Andreas is already full zombie


  • Alan Grant
  • Vince
  • Vance
  • Sgt.Roshan Pawar
  • Saxon Druce
  • Jay Weston
  • Mr.Green
  • Ms.Green


  • Survivor of San andreas
  • S.A.D.C
  • Military
  • San andreas Law Enforcement


  • The Protagonist(Alan Grant) is Same with Jurasic Park Protagonist(Alan Grant)