"Why did PatrickW and Dutchy3010 choose me to lead it? Maybe because I am trustworthy and I am a moderator on the Design Your Own Mission official website? I can't say it's the reason, but I believe so."
-Secronom President

Secronom President
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Username: Secronom President
aka: Secro
Canadian Scrotum


Nationality: Canada
Forums: Sep 23, 2010
Website: Oct 16, 2011
Awards Awards Awards
DYOM Awards 2011: Most helpful in DYOM forums
DYOM Awards 2012: Best Moderator

Secronom President (now known as Canadian Scrotum in GTAForums) is a fellow mission designer in DYOM, but also a good helper. He made such great threads that are keeping DYOM alive. Such as: DYOM Mission Index, DYOM General Thread, The Designers Lounge and of course... BUYSAG.


Popularity and BUYSAG

Secronom started designing missions and opened few topics that helped to keep DYOM Alive.

He started a popular game on the forums, but he made that game into DYOM game. Build Up Your San Andreas Gang. Which got popular and everyone started to join. BUYSAG game went through several versions, improving and not-improving the game.


At some time later, Secronom joined DYOM reviewers list and started reviewing designer's missions.

ilovegta and TonyCJ

Sometime later, ilovegta started calling Secronom as TonyCJ. An investigation was going on, some user was given some id info of ilovegta's FaceBook account. The user saw some messages between Secronom and Ilovegta. As in the photo, Secronom admits that he's Tony. - It's either a joke for ilovegta, or it's true.

This remains silent and unknown for a while...

On Oct 10 2011, Secronom tells that:

"It was a trick to play a little bit with him. Only Doublepulse knew about that. I wanted to see how dumb and naive he was to believe someone else. It pretty much worked: he acted dumb in front of many people. In others words: he got powned. Between, there's a difference between my and his writing style (well, usual writing style I mean)."
-Secronom President in The Designers Lounge.

It stays silent, due for a misunderstanding and a practical joke.

Second Account Hacked!

On Sep 4, 2011.

Secronom President's other account was hacked. The acc. is Secro. He used that account to get his old account back, but now the second acc. is hacked by an unknown guy who suddenly started a new mission pack: GRAND THEFT AUTO IV: DYOM EDITION.

Rumours are saying that TonyCJ hacked his account, some saying Secronom himself gave his account to Tony. Secronom haven't said anything about this incident since Sep 4. And the hacker is unknown and stays unknown.

On Oct 10 2011, Secronom also reveals this:

"Rumors saying it is TonyCJ are false and I didn't gave it to him since I don't know how to contact him, which is a good thing I think. The real hacker is ilovegta123456."
-Secronom President in The Designers Lounge

- This had to stay silent and unknown, but Secronom said it himself, so now we know the hacker was Andreas Nielsen.


In Oct 4, 2011. Secronom President announced amazing things about BUYSAG, V4 is going to be made. There are few changes, such as Law Gangs are deleted. BUYSAG V4 is still in WIP.

Only Secronom spoiled or announced few things, the gang list and new features.

Since Oct 5, 2011 - the game have started and everyone started to join in, play and design missions for BUYSAG V4.

DYOM Awards

Secronom President won the DYOM Awards as "Most helpful in DYOM forums". He became a moderator of the new DYOM Website. Also, his topic BUYSAG was pinned for winning "Best Topic" at DYOM Awards.

Forum Leader

On February 8, 2012, Secronom became a Forum Leader of gtaforums. Since then, he became more respected.

BUYSAG's future

On September 8, 2012, Secronom released the new version of BUYSAG and he imediately retired from BUYSAG, he gave the thread over xGhostx, but the thread was locked and ended BUYSAG and its staff.