"Now, the launch date for the first ep. is set to be sometime this month, or next, so you can relax for a bit."
"This article covers a topic that is yet to be released. Information in it is set to be changed over time."

Sounds is a new major feature for DYOM. It was released with DYOM V7.

Instructions about the new sound support

DYOM V7 version supports custom sounds during your mission, by means of mp3 files. Each mission is assigned a random "audiocode" when created (or saved for the first time with V7) This code determines the directory where the mp3 files for the mission must be placed. The audiocode can be viewed in the missions menu. mp3 files must be stored in my documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\SD\XXXXX\ where "XXXXX" is replaced by a random 5 character code. Two types of mp3-files can be placed here: am.mp3 : file with ambient-sound, that is looped during your entire mission 01.mp3, 02.mp3, 03.mp3, nn.mp3: sounds that will be player once at the start of each objective. If a objective doesn't need a sound, you can just skipt the mp3 file for that mission.

Note: The directoryname: SD\XXXXX is in uppercase. The filenames: am.mp3, 01.mp3, .. are in lowercase.

The Announcement

On October 1, 2012, Dutchy posted a new sneak preview of DYOM V7. This time, Dutchy showed that there will be custom sounds/music that can be added by designers.