The City of Sinners
Mission pack
Creator: mati
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Detective
Status: WIP
Protagonist(s): Maxwell Vito

The City of Sinners is mati's Detective genre mission pack.


Las Venturas in it's blooming years. Most citizens spend their time losing money in one of the mafia controlled casinos. The criminal ratings are hitting their records. Maxwell Vito, a cop from Carcer City suddenly becomes promoted into the role of a detective. Follow his story as he walks from case to case and corpse to corpse to eventually make him chase the strongest Crime Families in the whole State.

The five desks include Burglary, Traffic, Homicide, Fraud and Organized Crime. With each desk, the difficulty increases. Every case will contain at least 2 cases. Depending if the desk is liked by the players, more cases will be added to the wished desk.