The Rebirth
Mission pack
Creator: mati
Type: Mission Pack
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 2
Protagonist(s): Dave Jacob

The Rebirth is mati 's mission pack.

Chapter 1

The Rebirth gives us Dave Jacobs' point of view over the post-apocalyptic State of San Andreas in the year 2200. 200 years ago, the world suffered by the Third World War, with huge influence of Nuclear Warfare. The survivors have grounded small groups called factions and are trying to gain control over the State. Dave Jacobs has survived the bombing because he was asleep in a cryo inside a mysterious facility, even if the facility was strongly infected by radiation. As he gets woken up 200 years later, he has thousands of questions, friends and enemies, trying to understand the whole situation.

This mission pack is strongly inspired by the Fallout series but has no connections both story-wise and gameplay-wise.

Chapter 2

The continuation of Dave Jacobs story, after his awakening in The Reclaimer facility and living inside the WDR, Dave decided to join The Brotherhood, a well organized faction with smart steps and no mercy for its enemies. Dave along with his new friends Diana and Manny are working for The Menace, a paranoid and naive leader of The Brotherhood. Will they manage to rule the desert sands and expand to other cities? And will Dave manage to revive his memories from over 200 years ago?