The Runaway
Mission pack
Creator: Jimmy_Leppard
Type: Mission Pack
Status: Complete
Number of Chapters: 4
Protagonist(s): Jeff Parker
Awards Awards Awards
DYOM Awards 2011 Best Mission Pack

The Runaway is Jimmy_Leppard's mission pack.


Jeff Parker is an U.S. soldier stationed in Las Venturas Desert Base. He's in the military for 10 years now. General Mills, General of the U.S. Army, organized an operation in which Jeff has the leading role. The goal of the operation was to eliminate the courier who works for the enemy. However, after Jeff and his team had arrived at the destination of the courier, Jeff realised that the target is - A 17 year old kid, who is in a role of a courier for the enemy and not even knowing it. After Jeff refuses to shoot the courier from the obvious reasons, General Mills orders an elimination of the kid and Jeff to for disobeying the orders of the operation. Jeff Parker will find himself in a position where he has to run away and hide from the U.S. Army which gave him the status of an Enemy of the State and also find someone who can help him prove he is innocent.