The Survivors: On a Deadly Mission
Mission pack
Creator: LeonCJ
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Horror, action.
Status: Canceled.
Number of Chapters: Unknown
Protagonist(s): Various

The Survivors: On a Deadly Mission (Project Name:The Survivors 4) is the fourth part of LeonCJ 's The Survivors series.


"On a Deadly Mission" is like an expansion pack, a continue of The Survivors 3. This episode is in late 2009, after the events of TS3, so it's gonna be around December, which means that San Andreas will be snowy. You're continuing SLAM's adventures, as he tries to stop a secret corporation that wants to continue experiments on the incident that happened in San Andreas, so you're going to have strong weapons and strong partners. This episode has short story missions, but it also has fun mini-games that you might enjoy.


"After the incident in 2009, when Katie and Rick were both killed, Dave aka SLAM and the rest of the team left San Andreas. Government of Unites States were about to destroy San Andreas once and for all... but they suddenly had a radio connection... there were survivors still trapped in it.. a lot of them. Government refused to destroy SA, instead... send a team to save them. SLAM and the others have organized a little team called: Special Tactic of Government (S.T.G.). Sarah, as the operator, helps SLAM and Dave and the others to cooperate. As there are others that are coming to San Andreas, not to save the survivors. Now in late 2009, while it's snow... action takes place."