The Tale of Jack Frazer
Mission pack
Creator: Jimmy_Leppard
Type: Community Mission Pack
Genre: GTA
Status: Completed
Protagonist(s): Jack Frazer

The Tale of Jack Frazer is a community mission pack created by Jimmy_Leppard. It is a sequel of Johnny Nixon Chronicles.

Jimmy's announcement

Hello, guys. This is the second multi-designers mission series project. The previous one was Johnny Nixon Chronicles and it was a great success. This project is called The Tale of Jack Frazer and I really hope this one turns out to be good to. It's finished and it consists of 26 missions.

All our missions will be connected to each other, so I suggest you to play them by order so that you can understand and follow our story. You are able to follow the mission order in this topic.


The project rules for the participants:

  • 1.) Don't join this project unless you really can participate and if you are serious about this. Any trolling, rude behaviour or breaking the rules will get you kicked out of the project.
  • 2.) Stick to the theme of the story. You can find it in this post.
  • 3.) You are not allowed to make missions if it's not your turn cause you will mess up the order and the story.
  • 4.) Try to be as grammaticaly correct as you can when writing the text in the mission. Use the internet translator if you need to.
  • 5.) Respect and use the names and the skins of the characters that other participants gave to them.
  • 6.) You MUST keep the main character alive. He must not die.

When it's your time to make the mission, you can take the story in any direction you want. (Look on that you make it as more dramatic and unpredictable as you can.) You're free to put characters in the story when your turn comes, but don't get carried away and put 3-4 characters at once every time your turn comes. Your mission must be connected to the previous missions made by other participants. So, be sure to download and play every previous mission made by other participants so that you can organize and continue the story in the right path.


A group of 6 criminals, who are strangers to each other, except for two of the criminals who secretly know each other, were gathered by a crime lord named Frank Naysmith to do a casino robbery in Las Venturas. Their task is to break into a casino vault with 40 million dollars in it before the money is transfered to a high security vault outside of San Andreas. Since the 6 criminals are very skilled and prepared for the theft, no one assumed that the theft could have gone wrong. Although all 6 skilled, smart and greedy criminals are completely different from each other, they all have the same hidden motive: They all want the money for themselves. The story follows Jack Frazer, one of the 6 criminals.