The Zombotech Incident (TZI)
Zombotech Corp
Mission pack
Creator: Skander Blade
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Horror, action.
Status: Completed.
Number of Chapters: 3
Protagonist(s): Brian Bennet

The Zombotech Incident is made by Skander Blade since Nov 17 2010 and was finished at Aug 7 2011.

Skander's Introduction

Hello all, most of you dosen't know me too well because i'm not active in the forum but i'll introduce myself i'm Skander Blade i live in tunisia and i like DYOM deseiging i loved DYOM from the best DYOMers i like Matattatta and LeonCJ i like their missions so if u wan't to know the missions i made go here : soon as i start the mission pack i'll post the links here and thanks for reading.

Short Story

You are Brian Bennett a zombotech scientist who his experiment gone wrong and made the entire corporation go crazy.