The story of Leon Ridge
Mission pack
Creator: Jimmy_Leppard
Type: Mission Pack
Status: Completed
Number of Chapters: 2
Protagonist(s): Leon Ridge

The story of Leon Ridge is Jimmy_Leppard's mission pack.


Leon Ridge is one of the two sons of Frank Ridge, very powerful and respected Mafia boss from Los Santos. Leon is not into Mafia business, but the other Frank's son, David is. When Frank Ridge passes away, Leon and David must decide who will run the family business now. David accepts to continue father's job, but Leon doesn't. They were both in love with one woman: Caroline Jenas. The day David took his father's place in business, he went to see Caroline. He asked her to marry him. She refused cause she loves Leon. In the act of jelaousy, David kills Caroline. When Leon found out that his brother killed the woman he loved, he decided to do everything to get revenge. His goal now is to find his brother and make him pay.