Tony Cole Chronicles
Mission pack
Creator: Notna
Type: Mission Pack
Genre: Mafia
Status: Finished
Number of Chapters: 3
Year: 2011
Protagonist(s): Tony Cole

Tony Cole Chronicles is a mission pack made by Notna. It is his second mission pack. The mission pack is finished and it contains of 23 missions.


Tony Cole is 22 years old leader of the La Cosa Nostra-mafia in San Fierro. The mafia has been in war with The Triads since the 90's. Now, in the end of the 00' century, Tony Cole has decided to end the war. With his friend and the mafia, he starts the beginning of the end. Suddenly, Tony finds himself in the middle of war and realises that not only The Triads, but the Los Santos Vagos, and even the strongest mafia of them all, The Paulson Families, are after him. But Tony is the person who never give's up. La Cosa Nostra is rising...