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Username: Tug66666
aka: Tug


Forums: Feb 15, 2009

Tug66666 is an old mission designer and very popular.

DYOM and Popularity

Tug have made such great mission packs, that got people's attentions and many feedbacks and made him popular.

As in his own mission topic, which wasn't updated since Jun 2, 2010.

Running Some Errands

Tug came back with a great mission-pack called: Running Some Errands. He started working on it since Jun 4, 2010. The mission pack is currently WIP and only 2 missions are released, the topic was gone into some old pages of GTAForums.

Later, in 2011. Someone bumped the topic back, asking if it's canceled or not. Tug replied:

"I nearly forgot about this missionpack. It's been ages since I've worked on it. I might start working on it again soon, since I've got a few good ideas. But it would involve using the Storyline feature this time. I need some time to think it over."

But then, after that reply.

It is unknown if he'll continue it someday, we'll have to wait and see, although 2011 is coming to an end.

Power Is Everything

Tug have started another amazing mission pack since Jul 30, 2010. Right after Running Some Errands. Power Is Everything have amazed people and Tug got very very popular with it.

The topic was last edited at Apr 28, 2011. Since then, Tug was in no show with his missions. It might be the reason for lack of feedbacks as in his comment:

"You know, I don't create these missions for a joke. These missions are done in my own free time and I put a lot of hard work into them. All I see in this topic of mine is my update posts and hardly any posts from others about the actual missions.

This is the prime reason to my lack of inspiration on creating missions. I need to know what people think of the missions. Is the mission too hard? Is the mission lacking something? How did you find the action scene? It's not much I'm asking for here.

I'm thinking of working on this mission pack again soon. Hopefully I'll get a little bit more feedback this time!"
-Tug66666 in his topic

Since Jul 7, 2011 he haven't made a mission for it. - We'll have to wait and see.

DYOM Contest 3# and 4#

Tug was trying his luck in DYOM Contest 3#, but there was no luck. GTA!!! won the first place.

Then again, he was trying his luck in DYOM Contest 4#. But he canceled his missions himself and left the contest.

Return of Such Great Designer

It is unknown if he'll return to design missions, we'll have to wait and see.