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DYOM Staff
Username: Zizo008
aka: Zizo


Nationality: Tunisian
Affiliations: DYOM Staff
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Forums: Aug 11, 2012
Website: Aug 7, 2012
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GTAForums Awards: True Winner of 'Best DYOM Mission 2012' for Resident Evil 4

Zizo008 is one of the 2012 DYOM mission designers.

Notable Actions


Zizo008 discovered DYOM on 2011, he started making missions and sharing them on the DYOM website with the username Zizo007, however he had poor skill in DYOM, so he left it after a few weeks.


On August 2012, Zizo008 returned to DYOM, but he noticed the change of the DYOM website which made him lose he's older account, so he changed from Zizo007 to Zizo008. After a few days, Zizo008 joined GTAForums and started to learn more about the new features of DYOM.

Video Reviews

On December 2012, Zizo started doing video reviews. However, he later stopped due to low-quality video-capturing equipment.

Missions Reviewer

On April 2013, Zizo became a DYOM Missions reviewer.

4th Multi-Designer Project Co-Leader

Zizo is the leader of Protagonist 2 team, Amber Halloway.

DYOM Site Moderator

On April 2013, Zizo became a moderator in the DYOM website.


Resident Evil 4

Several days later, he started an horror-action themed mission-pack called Resident Evil 4  based on the Capcom game of the same name. It recieved an overall positive review by the players. It is considered as Zizo's main mission-
GTA SA DYOM - Resident Evil 4 Trailer

GTA SA DYOM - Resident Evil 4 Trailer

Resident Evil 4 Trailer

pack. Due to the end of the summer holidays, and after knowledge of DYOM V7, Zizo decided to continue designing missions for it once the new version is released. DYOM Users seemed to like the mission-pack as alot were requesting new missions ever since Zizo stopped because of the reasons mentioned above, and 4 members were intrested in doing a video review. It also has a GTAGarage page with over 1000 downloads.

Operation: Romeo

After a few weeks, he started to play a mission-pack called Codename: Zulu by Mattattata, which inspired him to make this military themed mission-pack. However, he cancelled it after 3 missions due to lack of ideas. But he gave a sign that the project is not yet left.

- Romeo Must Die

After DYOM V7's release and an improved designing skill. Zizo made a single mission called Romeo Must Die. The main reason was to make full use of V7's features while fusing the old mission-pack, Operation: Romeo, 3 missions into one big single mission. The mission made a a great success and was the reason Zizo started a new military mission-pack.

Special Ops

On March 2013, Zizo started this new mission-pack. He became less interested in RE4 as it takes a bit too much work. It recieved a highly positive review from players and is currently Zizo's main focus.

Becoming a staff member

On May 2, 2013, Doublepulse and Zizo008 officially became the new moderators for DYOM Website.